Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One Stop Wine Shop

When we were looking for some holiday gifts, we immediately headed to the tasting room at Sutter Home Winery.  Why?  Because they offer a wide arrange of wine gifts that are super cool, super trendy, or super classy.  :)  While there on one of our visits throughout the month of December, "Johnny Depp" recommended that we do a tasting.  "Why not?  We're there."  We did, and we got to talk to several of the tasting room employees and had a jolly ol' time, as always, when we visit Sutter Home.  They introduced us to their new thing: One Stop Wine Shop, which features ALL of the Trinchero brands under 1 umbrella website.  This idea was ingenious. 

Bet you never knew Sutter Home was included in several different labels you see at wine stores, did you?  Well here you go - shipping and prices are specific to a state, which you can enter when you go to the website.  Brands include: Bandit, Folie a Deux, Fre Alcohol Removed, Jargon, Joel Gott, Main Street Winery, Menage a Trois, Newman's Own, Napa Cellars, SeaGlass Wines, The Show, Sutter Home, Trinchero Napa Valley, and Trinity Oaks.

The website also aims to start listing recipes and other fun wine-based activities.  Check it out.  You might be surprised to find one of these brands in your local wine retail store.

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