Monday, June 6, 2011

The Fashion World O' Wine

Sometimes I can't help but find these cliche wine gadgets on fashion websites.  The most recent finding was at Joss and Main (which I should note that you do need to register to view their exhibits, but it's free... otherwise, why would I post?).  Joss and Main features random exhibits for the house and living for 3 days.  Three days... as in you have 3 days to buy something from their "Modern Kitchen Gadgets" collection (at a discounted price compared to the original vendor) and then you can't buy it anymore.  So if you like these, better jump quick, cause today is day #2!  Then if you have one of these things, you can say you're thrifty AND trendy!  ;)

Fine Wine Thermometer ($8)

Arosse Wine Opener ($18)

Arosse Sommelier Tool ($18)

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