Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Have Some Wine Fun with Lolita Wine Glasses

Every time I walk into a Hallmark shop, I can't help but evaluate the recent updates of Lolita wine glasses or Designs by Lolita.  

Lolita Glasses at Hallmark
(Photo by author)

True, they aren't your sommelier style evaluate-sip-evaluate-swirl-sip-evaluate wine glasses.  However, how fun would it be to have a wine glass that represents you?  I often have found myself purchasing a few of these for special occasions - turning 50, getting into the world of wine tasting, graduating from college or graduate school, getting over a lost love, Father's Day, etc.  Whatever the occasion, Lolita's wine glasses have something for everyone.  

And they aren't overly expensive.  Most glasses cost just under $25 online.  (A retail store may sell them at a slightly higher price.)  Each is hand painted and fun with a wine cocktail written on the bottom of the glass to match the theme of the glass.  Here's just a few of my favorites (all photos from Lolita Wine Glasses website):

Beach Diva

Bubble Bath


Movie Night

Pink Ribbon

Wine Tasting

Little Black Dress

19th Hole

For the manly gifts, there's also Rocks Glasses, such as Lolita's Poker Rocks Glass:

Or add some colorfully designed classes that are very retro-chic:
Pointelle Stemless Glass

Gallery Crawler Stemless Glass

Palm of My Hand Stemless Glass

Or, you'll also find Lolita's ornaments.  Check out these wee little ones that I found out the local Hallmark store:
(Photo by author)

Lolita Bejeweled Mini Wine Ornament
Bejeweled Mini Ornament

Check out more of Lolita's products and themed paintings at Designs by Lolita!

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