Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wine's for Father's Day!

Are you looking for a nice wine for your dad?  "Masculine wines" are usually a good choice for dads (unless you know your dad likes something specific... like Chardonnay... then go with that).  

What makes up a masculine wine?  Well, usually something that is "bold," "big," "round," or "full."  Traditionally, these are dry red wines.  There are some obvious errors in assuming that all men like masculine wines and all men like feminine wines (without any appreciation for the alternative), but in general, it's something to work with for the Father's Day event!

If you're looking for something within a good price point, I'd suggest something like Yellow Tail's classic blends:



If you know your dad is going to prefer a red wine with maybe a little more food-friendly flavor and just a touch of sweetness, I'd recommend "Cupcake's Red Velvet wine.  This is a lovely, approachable red wine that is incredibly consumer friendly, and also won't break the bank:

Red Velvet Wine

Some great varieties not from the U.S. include Malbec, which has a spicy undertone that matches well with its plum, currant, herb-like flavors.  Malbec's from Chile, such as the one featured below have a full mouthfeel with lots of dark red fruit flavors and hints of spice.  Plus, these wines won't break the budget.  This bottle by Kaiken sells for about $10:

Kaiken's Malbec

I'm also a really big fan of Zins.  One of my favorite "AncientVine Zin" producers is Cline Cellars from Sonoma, CA.  This used to be a favorite group wine during my graduate school years.  It's very versatile.  Plus, Cline Cellars is a fun winery to visit if you are ever in Sonoma.  Again, this bottle sells for about $15 so it's a good selection:

Ancient Vine Zinfandel by Cline Cellars

If you know your dad is set on white wines, I'd recommend a Viognier (said: "vee-own-yay").  It's definitely the hot white wine out on the market.  Most wine retail stores have one or two that are available.  I personally prefer a Viognier from the eastern U.S. (as opposed to the western).  They are a touch lighter, have crisper acidity, and taste less heavy than western Viogniers.  But that is my preference.  If you know your dad is thrilled with Chardonnays, a western Viognier may be a better selection.

Remember that it's the thought that counts.  You can always grab a bottle to celebrate Father's Day and attach it with a nice card and golf balls, a remote control, fishing flies, or a new set of tools.  The point is to make sure the wine will help you remember the special occasion and celebration of the best dad in the world!

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