Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Wine News You Can Use: Cork Stories - A Story Behind Every Cork!

I thought that I would do my part in advertising Pennsylvania's wine campaign: Pennsylvania Wine Cork Stories!  
And it's your chance to make your own wine news!

I think it's important to remember that wine is a conversation beverage - we often enjoy a glass or bottle of wine with family, friends, and close ones.  Usually, unique conversation is included or the wine is meant to document a "special occasion."  I can think of many times "Johnny Depp" and I would purchase a bottle of wine for some sort of outing, date, vacation, holiday, etc.  And for some reason - the memory is easier to remember when I think of each one of those wines.

A glass of wine (and root beer?) watching the sunset and migrating whales 
on a cool February evening on the west coast hide-away shore town.
I loved this weekend.  The Pacific Ocean never sounded more peaceful...
(Photo by author)

Every person has their wine story, and I think this is a great idea to share yours with the world!  Details are listed below, and I invite you to take this opportunity to taste some Pennsylvania wine, indulge, and write one of your favorite memories on the website:

Enjoy!  And... cheers!  Here's to making memories!

Cork Stories

"Each of Pennsylvania’s 140 wineries has its own story, and so does each bottle of Pennsylvania wine for the people who enjoy it. As we like to say, “there’s a story behind every cork,” and we want to hear yours. Share your Pennsylvania wine story here and read some of the may tales submitted by other wine lovers that helped fuel the growth of the PA wine industry. For every story submitted, the Pennsylvania Winery Association will add a cork to the collection – a collection that will be turned into a traveling cork sculpture at the end of the season – and donate one dollar per cork to a worthwhile charity. Everyone has a Pennsylvania wine story to tell. The only question is: What’s yours?
Submit your story by filling out the form below. Stories could be funny, educational or even sentimental. Your wine tale can be two sentences or 20 sentences, it’s really up to you. Accepted stories will be eligible to win a Pennsylvania wine prize pack as outlined in the terms and conditions section outlined below."

To submit your story, click here

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