Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wine Read: "The Vintner's Apprentice" by Eric Miller

I've recently been introduced to this book, "The Vintner's Apprentice," and I'd have to say that it's worth the buy just for the pictures!  Eric Miller, winemaker at Chaddsford Winery (in the Philadelphia area, near Longwood Gardens) wrote this book together with his wife, Lee Miller.  The excerpts about wine growing are incredibly catchy, and everything from planning a vineyard to actually making the wine is captured in small easy-to-read-and-understand paragraphs.  "The Vintner's Apprentice" is also filled with a huge collection of unique pictures, many which were produced by my dear friend, Mark Chien. 

The cover of "The Vintner's Apprentice" by Eric Miller
(Found on

Eric has said that he envisions this book would be a classic, must-read for all those wine students interested (or fascinated... completely enthralled even...) with wine.  I would say this book is perfect for all wine lovers that want just a tad bit of extra information, not too scientific, but also a wild array of images on what wine production looks like.  I found a few that were posted online through Google Images:

A look at the inside of the book

The wine industry's Lucie Morton

Eric Miller, author of "The Vintner's Apprentice"

This book gives wine an image - not the Napa image, not the French image, not even the Australian image - but the wine image.  It ensures the fact that wine is everywhere - in so many cultures, in so many forms, and in so many situations.  This truly will take your breath away...

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