Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wine Dates!

How many people out there celebrate their anniversaries with a bottle of wine to remember the special occasion?  (I hope there's some readers out there raising their hands!)  I have to admit this is a special day for me - 3 full years of being with my "Johnny Depp."  So I thought I'd take the day to highlight 3 of my favorite date ideas with wine... welcome to steal them for your own personal use!  (Dates are listed in no particular order!)

1) Wine Picnics

This is the all time classic date!  It's the perfect early spring, late summer, or early fall kind of date.  All you need is some of your favorite snacks, a nice bottle of wine, and 2 glasses.  Add in a nice back drop and wala!  You got a date!  With some good conversation, this is a perfectly simple romantic getaway.... especially when you really need to get away or get to know one another!

2) Wine and a Movie

What better way to spend an intimate night together than with a nice bottle of wine, a classic movie, and your one-and-only?  Want to add some more wine to the mix?  Try watching a movie that involves wine!  How about Sideways, Days of Wine and Roses, Under the Tuscan Sun, Bottleshock, A Walk in the Clouds, Casablanca... the options are endless!  This is a perfect option when it's too hot or cold to go outside, and it's very cuddly and cozy!

3) Wine Tasting at a Local Winery

This is a great way to get some wine education together while figuring out what kind of wine each party enjoys.  Plus, you can explore your local wineries or travel to a far off wine country destination and make a large date out of it.  I have to admit, this is one of the favorite things that I loved about my past wine dates...
Visiting Rubicon Estate, Rutherford, CA

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