Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Introducing "Red Pink White" Widget

For those that have not yet noticed, I added the "Red Pink White" wine widget (the last widget on the left tab) to this blog for those that are looking for further wine suggestions.  

(Photo from Google Images)

How this works... 

1) First click on the widget to get it started.  
2) Then click "R" if you are interested in finding a red wine, the "P" if you are looking for a blush/rose wine, or the "W" if you would like a white wine.  You will see all the squares beneath the "R," "P," and "W" change in accordance to what you selected.
3) Click on 1 of the 6 secondary boxes, depending on your search criteria.  For example, if you are looking for a pink wine under $15, click on the "Price" box.  Select the option between $10 to $21.  The widget will then calculate the number of wines it has found for you given the search criteria.
4) Click on the "click" to view tab to go to your wine list...  A series of wines will appear in the widget in which you can scroll through.  When you click on one, a picture of the label and quick facts will appear.  I recommend writing down a list that the widget has come up with and taking it with you on your next shopping trip!
5) You'll also see a list of "feature wines" at the bottom of the widget.  You can click through these wines as well for new ideas to try!

Red Pink White Wine
(Photo from Google Images)

Remember, it's never too late to try a new wine!  And I'll try to give you as many tools as possible to get there!  I believe you can also download this widget to your smart phone by clicking on the "Get Widget" tab below the "Red Pink White" box.  Cheers!

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