Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wine Glass Flower Arrangements

I guess I'm feeling quite girly this week... upon a recent trip to Michaels, I found some rather large vases shaped like wine glasses and flutes:

Wine Glasses & Margarita Glasses

Champagne Flutes

This got me thinking - what kind of flower arrangements could you manage with these types of vases?  So I did some online searching and here's what I like!  I think this is such an easy way to bring a touch of the wine world to your home!

Awesome spring time bulbs

How catchy and classy


Next time I entertain, I'll steal this idea!

This is definitely a bigger vase like the ones from Michaels

Very modern and pink! 
(That's a flute glass)

Cozy dinner centerpieces

The margarita vase arrangement
(All photos above from Google Images)

Here's 1 I created myself a few years ago...

(Last 4 photos by author)


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  2. I love the one with the turned over glasses and votives... I may steal this as well :)

  3. I know! Quite creative... could you put that in my folder please? Maybe I'll use this idea for a wine event!

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  5. This is my first time to encounter such. Minimalist but creates huge impact. Nice idea! I'll definitely do this.

  6. By grouping smaller blooms in groups they are easier to handle and make a more distinctive impression. You can cluster flowers loosely by just arranging them close to each other, or tie them together with a pretty ribbon or floral tape.

  7. Those are beautiful! Maybe I can hire your to do the flower arrangement if there is a upcoming event in our company.