Monday, July 11, 2011

Modernize Your Home with A Wine Bottle Door Stop

Have you ever had a door that will not stay open... no matter what you do??  This is why I had to post door stop... especially after I just saw a magnum sized Bordeaux ceramic wine bottle vase at Home Goods this weekend ($50 by the way...).  Anyway, while browsing through Home Decorators, I actually looked at door stops because I have this one door that will not stay open.  Low and behold, look what appeared:

Wine Bottle Doorstop
Ta Da!  Wine Bottle Door Stop
($29 by Home Decorators)

Obviously a sign that I needed to post this on my Press Fractions.  Regardless, if you're looking for a door stop and would like to be more "French," I'd go with their second choice:

Eiffel Tower Doorstop
Eiffel Tower Door Stop
($29 by Home Decorators)

I'm not going to lie - someone is probably going to find that wine bottle door stop in my home several months for now, and I will have officially taken Denise's Press Fractions advice!  Enjoy!

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