Friday, February 10, 2012

Q: What Wine Goes With Chocolate?

A:  The trick with pairing desserts and wine is to always choose a wine that is sweeter than the dessert!  For all those ladies out there that LOVE chocolate, here's some fun ways to make that romance sizzle....

With white chocolate, try an Ice Wine.  The creaminess of the white chocolate will match perfectly with the ice wine.  Why not a Mazza Vidal Blanc Ice Wine?  It's filled with honey and apricot flavors that make a wonder pairing with white chocolate lovers.  It's a fruity and creamy combination that will make your heart flutter...

Ice Wine of Vidal Blanc bottle
Mazza Vidal Blanc Ice Wine (~$43) Pairs Well with White Chocolate

With milk chocolate, I recommend a tawny port.  Tawny's are filled with rich creamy, milky, caramel flavors that match the silky smooth essence of milk chocolate.  Make sure that you find one that is rich and sweet to match all those milk chocolate lovers out there.  

Try some Tawny Port with Milk Chocolate
(Photo from Google Images)

Dark chocolate can be very difficult to pair.  I've seen people recommend Cabernet Franc Ice Wines, but these can be very pricey ($80+), so I recommend something that's a little less pricey and more common.  Try a really rich Zinfandel or a high alcohol Cabernet blend from California.  Maybe an Australian Shiraz!  The point here is to get something deep, rich with a perception of sweetness that will match the bitterness of dark chocolate.  Shiraz (from Australia) can run lower than $10, so you're getting a thrifty buy here.  What about a Red Velvet by Cupcake Winery?  Or a Shiraz from Penfolds

Dark Chocolate and a Deep Red Wine = Seductive and Slightly Mysterious
(Photo from Google Images)

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