Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What's in My Glass Wednesdays: 2010 Chardonnay Reserve by Penns Woods Winery

Chardonnay came come in a series of styles (and colors) primarily focused on either lots of [Chardonnay] fruit or lots of oak.  In the colder months, I tend to thirst for a good Chardonnay, which is why I thought now would be the perfect time to highlight one!

I finally came across a rather beautiful Chardonnay made in Pennsylvania, and thought that now was the perfect time.  The colder weather makes me want to reach for Chardonnay for some reason, so here's to a nice, chilled bottle of comfort wine!

2010 Penns Woods Chardonnay Reserve
(Photos by author)

2010 Chardonnay Reserve by Penns Woods Winery

The D-2010 Scale 
2010 Chardonnay by Penns Woods Winery (Pennsylvania, USA)
Appearance (10 points possible): light yellow color, brilliant, clear - 10 points
Aroma/Bouquet (20 points possible): Fresh apples with hints of toast.  Lots of citrus and "fresh, crisp stream water" with subtle notes of butterscotch, cream, and orange blossom. - 16 points
Taste (10 points possible):  This wine is somewhat focused towards the mid-palate and finish.  It's thin in the front of the palate (when the wine first enters the mouth), but then spreads across the palate as toasty, apple flavored Chardonnay with creamy mouthfeel.  It's medium-bodied and very smooth.  The crisp acidity makes this a food-friendly Chardonnay, which can be difficult to find.  The finish is strong and lingering.  Oak component to emphasize the fruit.  This wine would have what many experts call "mineralty" and I enjoy it in this Chardonnay.  - 8 points
Balance (5 points possible): The wine is slightly dis-integrated and angular in its mouthfeel, but nothing extreme.  It's very pleasant. - 4 points
Finish (5 points possible): Lingering with subtle floral, toasty, and creamy flavors.  Very smooth and appealing. - 5 points
Packaging *Introduction to the D-2010 Scale*
Quality of Package (5 points possible):  Traditional green bottle of good quality. - 5 points
Label Marketability (10 points possible):  A very simple label that emphasizes the winery and the variety.  I enjoy the gold accents.  Although the message on the front of the bottle is appealing, it's a bit wordy to me for a front label. - 8 points
Other (5 points possible):  I enjoy the gold accents on the label and the gold capsule.  :) - 4 points
Total Points: 90 points
Overall Thought: This Chardonnay hit the spot for me.  It's a good change from the traditional, overly vanilla Chardonnays that come out of California.  I usually miss the acidity in Chardonnay so I was happy to see this wine had it.  It was a very food-friendly Chardonnay.  It's a touch of spring in these cold winter months and lack of sun. 
Food Pairings:  Try grilled fish here, perhaps even grilled shrimp.  Grilled shrimp salad with crisp cilantro sounds somewhat appealing right now.  I could see this wine with creamy white sauces or even veal.
Cost: I actually don't know...  Someone served this to me, and I didn't ask the price.  :)
Splurge Factor (out of 4): ?? -  I guess this is hard to evaluate if one doesn't know the price!  :)
Where to buy:  Contact the winery, Penns Woods Winery for information on where to purchase.  There's actually a list on the winery's website of retail stores in which you can purchase their wines.

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