Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wine and Flowers - Inspiration

Over the past few years, I've been inspired by florists that design with wine (not where they drink the wine while designing floral arrangements, but where the design either incorporates wine itself or is inspired by a wine).  A friend of mine showed me a wine/flower shop that was doing this in Chicago, and she's been helping me try it out... for my own amusement more than anything!  If one believes that a wine has a "personality" then that feeling can be portrayed in a floral design.  (Or so I believe!)  For more information on her floral designs, check out The Blue Daisy Floral Design website.

Below are our images inspired by a bottle of Mumm Napa Brut Rose during our Modern Victorian Romance floral design classes.  As I was told that the designs would be pinked-based, I thought, in this case, the flowers could inspire a pairing for wine!  What do you think?  

(Photo by author)

Mumm Napa's Brut Rose is such a romantic wine to me.  The pink color that bubbles effortlessly in the glass is a sweet reminder to how wonderful life can be in any given moment.  One cannot drink this Brut Rose on a rainy day... but if you do, garnish the room with hints of pink to give yourself a warmed-over feeling. 

The wine is elegant, delicate, and feminine, much like these arrangements.  I think this style of wine and style of floral arrangements captures the young, innocent, and girly "love" feeling.

Wine with Modern Victorian Romance
(Photos by author)

Truthfully, I hope to show you more of these inspirations as time progresses.  After all, there are so many weddings out there that choose a wine and try to match it to their "theme" or "floral design."  Not to sound too much like a girl here, but I could honestly envision this pairing for a vintage style wedding that uses pale pink as one of their main colors.

(Photo by author)

Although some wine writers would argue that embracing yourself with flowers while drinking wine is a dangerous thing (due to all the odors emitted from the flowers... and the wine at the same time), I find that this situation enhances the wine itself by enhancing a feeling within the individual enjoying the wine.  The wine and flowers give one the emotion of romance and a fresh spring day... even if you're in a class mid-winter while it's snowing outside.  These are two relaxing materials: wine and flowers.  How can one not enjoy the union of the two?  Cheers!


  1. Wine and flowers enhance the feeling of joy and I would like to say that there is folk to have bad effect with flowers.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Good to know!