Monday, January 24, 2011

The Lounging Gourmet

Every once and awhile, I find something that looks pretty unique, and I recently read about this entrepreneur from Cleveland, OH: The Lounging Gourmet by Nora Egger.  Nora created a series of concentrated cocktail mixers called Elixirs from 4 different flowers: roses, lavender, orchids, and hibiscus.  

Photo From Google Images

How does this tie into wine?  Well, you can use her Elixirs to make several Champagne cocktails (which I'm always a fan of because they are fun).  These would be perfect for wooing the ladies in February!  Here's a small list of what fun wine cocktails she has to offer (all photos from Google Images):

Lavender Royale

Hibiscus Royale

Antillean Mimosa

Hibiscus Kir 
(Hibiscus Elixir with White Wine)

Fire Orchid Royale

Lava Lamp Elixir

Rose Royale

Damascan Mimosa

There's many more ideas for these Elixir mixers... but those are just the few that include wine.  What's awesome about these mixers is that you can buy them direct on the website, at about $15 for 9 oz. of concentrated Elixir.  They just speak "girl fun" to me.  Enjoy!

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