Tuesday, January 25, 2011

San Tasti Palate Cleanser

Another interesting product that I've found on the wine market (and truthfully enjoy) is San Tasti.  The product was designed by a bunch of students for a class project... a project that went slightly off track, and has become a business for these kids.  What awesome motivation!

The Inventors of San Tasti
(Photo from Google Images)

I think the product, San Tasti, is fantastic!  It's a carbonate palate cleanser, which has been targeted for wine drinkers.  The first product was tasteless, but I've also seen a cucumber flavor available, which some people prefer.  (I prefer the flavorless for wine tasting.)

(Photo from Google Images)

Why is this important?  Well, palate cleansers help wine drinkers refresh their palate (roof of the mouth) when they are tasting many wines.  Many common palate cleansers include saltine crackers, cheese, and water.  (You often see these things displayed in tasting rooms.)  They are there to help you enjoy the wine more by refreshing your mouth.  What I like about San Tasti is that it actually makes my mouth feel refreshed!  This is especially important to me when I'm tasting several wines in one sitting (aka tasting, spitting, re-tasting).  So if you're in the neighborhood hosting a wine tasting party or have a weekly/monthly tasting group, and you need an extra boost for your palate, try San Tasti.

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