Monday, January 17, 2011

Wine Country Style: Barrel Decor

It's not exactly thrifty, but I do like the fact that wine barrels are being recycled for home decoration.  It does leave for a rather classy look.  Here in the Napa Valley, finding wine barrel furniture stores seems to be the "in" thing.  In Calistoga alone, we have 2 little shops on our 1 main street that feature furniture and decorations made from wine barrels.  Here are some of my favorite pieces, in case anyone is into shopping for expensive wooden furniture.  :)

The Wine Barrel Stave Candle Holder

Wine Barrel Small Coffee Tables
These tables also look really nice with glass tops

Wine Barrel Wine Rack/Table

Wine Barrel Lazy Susan

Wine Barrel Bar Stools (Actually, quite comfy)

Wine Barrel Garden Planters 
(Or you can get the traditional half barrel to plant flowers on top)

The garden planters can be self-made.  Plenty of wineries are often looking to get rid of old, used-up barrels. You may be able to buy one from the for a fair price (anywhere between $20 to $40).  You can fill the whole barrel with dirt and plant it, have it cut in half length wise, or have it cut in half width wise.  Either way, they generally make nice planters for an ever-evolving garden.

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