Friday, January 14, 2011

Warm Your Snow Days with a Glass of Wine

I was concerned about what to write for the last day of this week.  And then I saw another "nor'easter" hit this week.  I'm sure the official "snow day" has already passed for the many whose office or school closed, but just in case another one is right around the corner (...fingers crossed...)...

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After several hours of shoveling heavy snow, what better way to warm up with someone you love by the fireplace and a glass of winter wine?  "What's winter wine?" you ask.  Well, any wine that you would want to drink in the winter time!  (So original, I know...)  Don't have a honey to share the snow day with?  That's okay!  Here's a day that you can spend reading that great novel you've been waiting to complete, catch up on a movie you've been wanting to see, or write some hand-written letters to your loved ones.  Maybe call your neighbor and enjoy an afternoon of wine, fire, and board games.  Why not?  It's a snow day!  Add some crackers, bread, and cheese... suddenly you have yourself a mini wine-party!  By the end of the day you'll be wondering why you haven't stocked up on wine before just in case there is a snow day!  :)

And what a perfect way to enjoy a nice glass of your favorite wine mid-way through the week.  Cheers!

18" of Snow in Salem, MA
Photo by Author
I still miss my snow days...

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