Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wine Books to Read: How to Launch Your Wine Career

I received this book as a birthday present from my parents.  While doing some wine book searches online, I came across this one: How to Launch Your Wine Career by Liz Thach, Ph.D., and Brian D'Emillo.  And although I thought the book may be slightly cheesy (enough to enjoy a glass of wine with... haha), I actually really enjoyed it and found it incredibly useful.  I wish someone would have put this book in my hands about 5 years ago to prepare me for the road ahead.
How to Launch your Wine Career: Dream Jobs in America's Hottest Industry
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How to Launch Your Wine Career is written for the entire wine industry, but focuses more specifically in California.  And after working in several wine industries around the world, I'd have to confirm that if your region-of-interest is California, this is a good book to put your eyes on.  (P.S. Now available on Kindle...)

Best advice in the book was to spend at least a week in whichever region you would like to move to!  The outside of the California wine industry looks so romantic, but the inside is filled with busy schedules, incredibly long hours, lots of commuting/traveling, and a lot of networking.  I think this book really highlights what it feels like to work in the California wine industry from several angles and professions.  It's quite up front and honest about the realities and perks of working for a winery or the wine industry.  Not only does it lay out the steps involved to work your way up the ladder for several types of careers, but the key feature of this book is the interviews at the end of each chapter from individuals living the wine life. 

This book looks at careers in:
- The Vineyard
- As Winemaker
- Wine Marketing, Sales, and Public Relations
- Wine Writers and Educators
- Winery Administration
- Winery Supplier

The end of the book also allows you, the reader, to fill in blanks and create your own action plan if you are getting geared up to start your wine career.  I highly recommend this book to ANY college student looking to go into the California wine industry.  It profoundly lays out all the details to provide you with a successful future. 

Side note:  After reading several chapters, I recommended this book to an Assistant Winemaker that I see often.  He read the book and said the same thing:  He wishes he read it long ago!

P.S. Bonus points if you know which winery is on the cover!  I'll give you a hint... it's on Highway 29!  :)

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