Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wine Packaging: Boxed Wine Gets a Face Lift!

Do you think Franzia is the only box wine out there that's worth buying?  Boxed wine, much to many's disbelief, may be of more value and quality that some believe.  The truth is that although many in the wine industry may believe "wine in a box" is of poor quality and, therefore, poor taste, wine in a box offers several positive attributes:
1) It makes them easier to distribute
2) Many believes it keeps the wine fresher for a longer period of time - this is essentially useful to those that often want to cook with wine, but cannot keep it in the fridge long enough to remain fresh
3) Easier to recycle
4) Offer several new packaging technologies towards a traditional product
5) Can be easily used for many wine cocktails, with ease on the budget 

Just take a look of some of the newer, clever boxed wines out there on the market receiving rave reviews:

2009 Big House Red
You've seen this label on wine bottles - now enjoy it in a box.  Spicy, berry fresh, and crowd pleasing for a thrifty price.  Also available in a "white" blend.

Actually put into a wooden box, which can be easily re-used or recycled.  Wine is guaranteed fresh for 6 weeks, and each box contains the volume equivalent to 4 bottles of wine.

Target Wine Club
Target, the nationally successful all-purpose store, now has its own wine-in-a-box label.  The Pinot Grigio, although one of their many varieties, is receiving reviews about its great apple flavor and touch of sweetness.  Oh, and that's right, it's price!

Bandit Wine
I like the aseptic packaging of this wine.  What an unique idea that is now being applied to many other wines out there.  Wines can be sold independently or as a 4-pack.  Each container is 1 Liter in volume.  The Pinot Grigio has been said to match well with salads - although buyers beware - this may be quite an acidic wine.  Definitely a product marketed towards the Millennial generation.

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