Thursday, January 6, 2011

Travel Tip: Bridlewood Estate Winery

I wrote about Bridlewood's Arabesque Reserve yesterday, and I figured now would be a good moment to introduce the winery for those hoping to travel to California.  Bridlewood Estate Winery is located in the Santa Ynez Valley, which is several hours south of Napa Valley in the Central Valley.  

Bridlewood Estate Winery
Photo taken by author

It was a spontaneous find when "Johnny Depp" and I visited one of my college girlfriends at the beginning of this past summer.  She told us that she wanted to take us to her favorite winery close to where she lived.  Of course, we were game.  Much to our surprise, it has become one of our favorite wineries strictly because we can both find wines there that we both enjoy (even if it's for different reasons).

We went in the thick of summer, when temperatures were high and the sun was always out.  But it was worth it!  The driveway is adorned with a line of beautiful trees, which is breathtaking.  The Spanish-Mission-style winery itself is lovely with several roses planted throughout the estate, which is always highly attractive.  The interior is decorated with oak barrel tables for parties to enjoy their glasses of wine.  The tasting room staff was incredibly pleasant.  Our server talked to us for almost an hour and was very cheerful!  It was such a nice welcoming to a winery we had never visited before.  I believe you can taste 5 wines for a small fee, but in the tasting you received a Bridlewood wineglass, which is one of the best wineglasses I've ever received from a winery.  We have reserved our glasses for our regular wine drinking.  

Bridlewood Estate Driveway
Photo taken by author

Bridlewood Estate
Photo taken by author

Wine Tasting at Bridlewood Estate Winery - Try their Syrahs!  (P.S. That's the wine glass
you get for tasting.)
Photo taken by author

Ultimate plus: the winery is close to many cute towns in the Central Valley, including Paso Robles and Los Olivos.  They're cute, quaint, and not overly crowded.  In Paso Robles, several wineries are positioned on 46.  You can make several days of wine tasting in Paso Robles.  Plus, the town square contains several fantastic restaurants.  (Villa Creek has to-die-for margaritas.)  In Los Olivos, grab some traditional California sandwiches at Paninos, walk through the town, and stop into several tasting rooms on their main road.  The day will surely be one to remember.  If you're ready to spend a day at the beach, you're close enough from Bridlewood to take a small trip to several California beach towns.  The options are endless!

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