Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What's in My Glass Wednesdays! 2007 Arabesque Reserve

For 2011, I'd like to sharpen up this blog site.  At some point this year, I will introduce a new theme and blog title.  But for now, I'd like to start the introduction of...
"What's in My Glass Wednesdays!"  
This will replace my "Wine Buzz" series that started the introduction and description of wines.  It's my hope that this will force me to write about more wines, even if my palate is dominated by California wines right now (I apologize to my readers that cannot purchase those due to distribution limitations.  But always check with your local wine store or distributor.  Sometimes they can import a wine for you.)  So without further ado:

2007 Arabesque Reserve by Bridlewood Estate Winery
The D-2010 Scale 
2007 Arabesque Reserve by Bridlewood Estate Winery (Santa Ynez Valley, California, USA) 
Appearance (10 points possible): ruby/garnet red - 10 points
Aroma/Bouquet (20 points possible): highly aromatic with hints of cherries, strawberries, raspberries, pomegranates, pineapples, citrus punch, peaches, and light notes of oak, cedar, smoky, vanilla, spice, earth and herbs.  The combination of red fruit and white fruit really make this Rhone style wine pop.  Neither red or white fruit dominate, but marry quite nicely.  The hints of oak massage the fruit into this beautifully created liquid heaven in the glass.  - 20 points
Taste (10 points possible): Medium-bodied with a layered complexity of fruit and oak.  The wine is fruity (red and white), has a slight sweetness on the tongue, with a balanced acidity mid-palate and lingering finish that reminds the drinker of red and white grapes.  A slight bitterness in the finish may linger for those sensitive, but I believe this is from the higher (14.2%) alcohol level.  - 10 points
Balance (5 points possible): The alcohol sticks out to me, as well as a slight ethyl acetate (volatile acidity) factors that renders the wine slightly unbalanced in my mind.  Otherwise, perfect. - 4 points
Finish (5 points possible): Lots of fruit and oak lingers in the finish.  It's the perfect wine to sip by itself or with a small, special meal where you need something light, fruity, and refreshing in the cold depths of winter or hot summer days. - 5 points 
Add 50 points for attempt, packaging, closure, etc.
Total Points: 99
Overall Thought: I love, Love, LOVE this wine.  It's an easy drinker and captures everything a white/red blend should - fruitiness, easy-drinking, overly enjoyable, a touch of sweetness, and some depth to complete the package.  My only regret is that I only bought one bottle of this wine from the winery.  How sad...
Food Pairings: light, white-based pasta, fish meals (except for salmon, lobster, or shrimp), light cheeses, Cannolis (yes, that's right... bet you wish you had a Cannoli right now, don't you?)
Cost: $10
Splurge Factor (out of 4): 1 - This wine is a steal for $10.  Are you kidding?  You can buy a bottle of Yellow Tail at that price and get something bone dry and one dimensional (I'm not knocking Yellow Tail... but sometimes you have to mix it up and make your wine dance for you!).  This wine is an unbelievable thrifty buy and it's something that you can take almost anywhere that either a man or woman will enjoy.  All around incredible buy!
Where to buy: Order online if you can (otherwise, I'm hoping it's distributed throughout the U.S.): Bridlewood Estate Winery

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