Thursday, January 20, 2011

Romance (R)Thursdays: Preparing for Valentine's Day!

In high school and college, Thursdays were always designated with the letter "R."  I thought I'd apply this bit silliness to my wine blog, and introduce some new ideas for Valentine's Day... (the day in which every man out there better get ready and start writing down some ideas to impress his lady... girls... send this link to your man... he will need it!)  Moving on!

What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than with a special drink to toast to all your romantic memories, uplifting challenges, and monumental accomplishments as a couple other than wine?  (I know us girls are all on the same page here - wine signals the drink of l-o-v-e.)

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Single?  Valentine's Day is the perfect day to celebrate you.  Yes, you!  Make this year's Valentine's Day special with a toast to yourself... with a group of girlfriends or those that you love for just being them.  Need a drink to toast the occasion?  Well, I have a suggestion!

Try a "Pom-pagne!"  I first saw this recipe in Woman's World Magazine (yes... I read Woman's World... interesting tidbits of information about your author), and the picture of the drink really caught my eye.  I mean really, who wouldn't love a glass of colorful bubbly with floating fruit?  The recipe called for 1 part pomegranate juice (on the bottom, filled first) and 1 part of your favorite bubbly or Prosecco (sweet, Italian bubbly).  Add some raspberries for the extra touch, and wa-la!  You have yourself a drink of love.  If you don't like pomegranates, try cranberry juice.  

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Whether you are planning a special evening at home, or planning a special evening all together, this drink will surely add a touch of "Valentine's Day Glitz" to the night.  Regardless, I'm in love with the sparkling wine cocktails, and thus, I hope you are, too.  :)

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