Friday, January 7, 2011

Wine Closures Uncorked!

I was doing a search online to start introducing my readers to some new, innovative packaging ideas for the wine industry, when my old packaging paper showed up online.  I got a small chuckle and then thought, "Why not share?"  (Click on the link below to access paper.)

Wine Closures - Photo taken by Sean O'Keefe at Virginia Tech

The paper is fairly old, and please forgive the rather poor use of the English language.  I wrote this paper over 5 nights from midnight through 4:30 in the morning while trying to maintain my classwork and graduate studies.  But it highlights an overview of wine corks and some new closures that were just being released into the market at the time, including the now famous Zork.  A year ago, someone picked it up on Twitter and I was very excited that I could be famous (...just kidding...).  However, my hope is that this small review on wine closures will give you a better idea of wine packaging.

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