Monday, January 30, 2012

Bring Wine to Your Super Bowl Party

Other than the commercials, one of the greatest thing about the Super Bowl is the food, drink, and fun times with friends.  The Super Bowl is definitely an iconic time in American culture for beer, but some of your guests may appreciate a good bottle of wine.  But what to choose from????

Well that's where I come in!  Super Bowl parties are traditionally made up of pretzels, chips, salsa, pizza, hot wings, hot dogs and hamburgers.  This is quite a large montage of foods.

For pizza, I'd recommend a Chianti - an Italian wine for an Italian dish.  You can find the traditional bulk Chianti's (like the one pictured above), or grab a regular bottle of chianti in your local wine store.  Can't find Chianti?  Then grab a Sangiovese, the grape variety used to make traditional Chianti!

With hot wings, especially spicy hot wings, try a Prosecco - that's sweet Italian sparkling wine.  What could be more refreshing?

Hot dogs and hamburgers can be difficult, but I'd grab a California Zinfandel.  The one up above is called "Sin Zin" but there are a lot of <$15 Zins out there worth buying.  Try your favorite and get the party started!

Chips and dip can be quite difficult, especially without knowing the dip.  I'd recommend a Chambourcin (a light-bodied red wine) or a Cava (Spanish sparkling wine), which is a real bargain sparkling wine! 

Grab some plastic tumblers or wine-beer glasses and have a great time!  After all, the Super Bowl only comes one time a year!

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