Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thrifty Wine Gear at zGallerie

I had the first opportunity to actually walk into a ZGallerie store over the holiday and was thrilled to see so many wine accessories.  So I did some searching on their website and found some "must have" pieces to add to your home decor/wine accessory collection.  Here are several of my favorites:

Cause let's face it... every woman needs breakfast in bed with mimosas... at least once a month!

Add some bling to your dinner table... and keep your chilled white wines from dripping!

A more sophisticated, manly, leather-chair kind of look

These are trendy...

I don't know what it is about this bottle stopper, but I think it's cool

I just like these.  Instead of using them for coasters, you could make a shadowbox out of them and hang in your kitchen or dining room

Because we all need to eat when drinking wine...

I've always wanted one of these to store my wine bottles 

Doesn't this seem like a cool way to chill your wine on a summer picnic or party where the family is outside grilling away?

Cause sometimes you need to give wine away as presents...

Home Decor... especially if you go for the "Parisian"/"mirrored furniture" look

I know these are not wine savvy, but aren't they so cool?!

Wine Smarts... what a good way to learn something about wine... ok, you don't like wine?
How about Beer Smarts?!
Wine Smarts and Beer Smarts are $14.95 each

(All Photos from ZGallerie)

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