Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wine Wars Trivia Game

Here's a fun game that a friend of mine recently told me about.  This is the perfect game to curl up to during the winter - practice your wine knowledge, get a group of local friends together, pour some wines... what else could you want when it's cold outside?

Wine Wars Trivia Game - $13.50
(Available at: Uncommon Goods

Questions focus on grape growing, wine making, wine culture, production, wine business, art, science, selecting and storing wines, tasting wines, and random trivia topics.  This is a good way to test out your individual wine knowledge - or start learning about wines if you're just breaking into the wine world!
An example of the one of the wine trivia cards
(Photo from Uncommon Goods)

Need a change from wine?  Why not try it's sister game, Foodie Fight?  Just as entertaining and made like Trivia Pursuit... only it's all about food!
(Photo from Amazon)

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