Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Look at Dreadnought Wines

Upon a recent visit to the Strip District in Pittsburgh, PA, I stopped in a wine shop called Dreadnought Wines.

Entrance into Dread Nought Wines

What a fun place to stop in and look at wine merchandise!  Here's a couple of high lights from my visit:

Fun wine rack with chalk board

These elf-pants wine bottle holders were perfect for the holidays

Classy wine ornaments - red varieties

Classy wine ornaments - white varieties

Fun reindeer bottle covers - great holiday decorations!

Antique knob bottle stoppers - how unique!

Hot or Cold faucet bottle stoppers

A saber to open Champagne the old-fashioned-way...

Marble wine coasters ($40 for 4) - I loved these!

Great educational wine books!

The tasting and education room - a great resource for wine education if you are in the Pittsburgh area
You can find more information about their tastings and classes on their website, here.

Bulletin boards shaped like a wine bottle
(All photos by author)

I love the fact that this store was created as a means to offer Pennsylvania wine consumers an alternative to the PLCB wine purchasing system.  You can read more about their history, here.  They also offer gift baskets that are unique to Pennsylvania in that those wines cannot be purchased through the state stores.  This is accomplished through their partner company, Palate Partners.  This is a real treat for Pennsylvania residents!

I hope that I'll be able to feature more from Dreadnought Wines in the near future!
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  1. Denise: thanks for all the great pics and comments. Deb and Mike

  2. You're very welcome. :) I hope to see this store again soon!