Thursday, January 19, 2012

What Betty White Should Have Drank at Her 90th Birthday Party...

...why not go there?  Betty White is a hysterical comedian that deserves to be recognized in the wine community.  So here I am... to save the day!  When I think of Betty, I think of about 70% funny and scandalous (after all... she told a lot of colorful jokes back in the day...) to about 30% sophistication:

So here are my wine picks for Betty and her 90th celebration:
1) A bottle of 1922 Bordeaux to celebrate her birthday year.  Although this age might be more than gone, it shows class and style... and she deserves it.
2) A bottle of Pro-Mis-Q-Ous because let's face it, she's a little bit promiscuous. ;)
3) Bottles of "Real Dog" wine to hand out to all of her guests because Betty is a dog lover and this is a great way to share the love!

Keep making us laugh, Betty!  And next time, please ask me which wines you should have at your birthday party.  :)

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