Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Re-Cap of the Wines from the PWS Wine Excellence Tasting - Part 2

The Winning Wines
(Photo by Author)

Continuing on with the many wines we tasted in Harrisburg...

2010 Viognier by Paradocx Winery
This was actually an "honorable mention" wine, but as the PWS has been limited on white wine winners, this was served as a pre-pour (before the actual tasting).  This was a floral, sweet-smelling, pina-colada Viognier.  Medium-bodied and crisp acidity with bright citrus and lingering flavors of cream on the finish.  A beautiful white wine among all the reds.  And a perfectly chosen label for this wine - it matches the personality!  For more information on this wine, visit Paradocx (PDX) Vineyard's website.

2007 Cadenza by Allegro Vineyards and Winery
I wish I caught a better picture of this wine.  Cadenza - an improvized or written-out ornamental passage... and this wine is anything but a Cadenza.  This had a strong, age-like honey character that was incredibly alluring - just starting to show it's age, but has so much more time to go!  This is definitely a wine that will be worth sitting down for 10 to 20 more years.  It has subdued red fruit, some herbal characteristics, heavily bodied, tannic, and strong oaky taste with a lingering wine.  And incredibly masculine wine. 

2008 Cadenza by Allegro Vineyards and Winery
So many differences between this 2008 Cadenza and it's 2007 Cadenza cousin.  Produced from a different vineyard, but still has some incredible aging to do.  More vanilla, more oaky/toasty flavors.  It's a bit "dirtier" but in a complex, appetizing way.  Smoother than the '07, but still somewhat closed.  Again, this wine requires some more age.  Loved it!  For more information on both Cadenzas visit Allegro Vineyards and Winery.

2008 Eskimo Kisses (Riesling Ice Wine) by 
Presque Isle Wine Cellars
What a beautiful rose among all the [red wine] thorns.  Beautifully honied, with nice aromas and flavors of apples and apricots.  Very sweet and viscous... a wonderful dessert wine.  For more information about this wine, please see Presque Isle Wine Cellars

For the last of the wines... please come back tomorrow!!

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